Author: Roberto D'Amico

MyzharBot 2


MyzharBot is a tracked robot platform created to study algorithms for autonomous navigation based on 3D Vision and Artificial Intelligence. The project MyzharBot began many years ago but only in recent years all the...


µNav PCB panelµNav PCB panel

Finally came the first panels of the PCB µNav, in the image below you can see the two sides of boards ready to be mounted. Looking good, you can see that in the panel...


µNav code repositoryµNav il repository del codice

Now available the first versions of the code in the repository on GitHub Officine Robotiche, find all software projects at the following address: Finalmente sono disponibili le prime versioni del codice nei repository...


The projectIl progetto

The project µNav (micro Nav) provides for the development of a board to control motors with very small dimensions and its firmware. This board was created as an evolution of dsNAV ( and

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